Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nature and Us

Are we villains with no place
In Nature's world, quite out of grace?
We're inclined to want control;
Have other species pay a toll.

But our species is a part of this,
Result of Nature's contra kiss.
Should we condemn ourselves and pray;
Or is it not our lot to say?

We're prone to this when we've screwed up,
Feel unworthy, gulp the hemlock cup.
Can we let go of our way;
Forsake our goals; ask Nature's way?

Perhaps humility's the thing:
Ask what Nature has to bring.
The answer is, I might confess,
That Nature's here. She'll fix the mess.

Mother Nature doesn't care
That we messed it up , She'll still repair.
She'll work it out, time's no constraint;
She's just amused we'd want to taint,

Try to control. subject our world,
As is we're gods outside the fold.
We're only one part of this mess.
Which, in time, Nature will redress.


Poetikat said...

A unique way of looking at our place in the scheme of things. I like the line, "Feel unworthy, gulp the hemlock cup." Drunk a bit of that in my time, have you?

Crafty Green Poet said...

humility is the key i think you're right

STP said...

Yes, we are villains, and Nature will get rid of us if we do not alter our ways significantly.

Richard said...

Hey Lee, found your poetry blog off of the Voice Crying out the Wilderness Blog. Try neopoet if you haven't been there.

I contribute there will my rhymmings.

Try this one on for size if you get the chance.


~beth ♥ said...

Yes, I oft wonder if natural selection will ultimately decide that humans are to be weeded out of the garden.