Friday, February 15, 2008

The Individual

We're never always sure
As we travel through existence
That the crew we started out with
Will share our same persistence

To complete the entire voyage
With us, though they'll surely finish
Perhaps with a different crew
Though the trip will not diminish

Rather it's expanded
Not in length but breadth
It might be far more crucial
To take soundings of new depth.

For all are on a voyage
And each one custom made
To the needs which must be met
If that voyage is to aid

The Individual's search
The meaning of the Quest
Though one will travel East
Another must choose West

It's actually not a mutiny
Though we often feel betrayed
What actually up for scrutiny
Is: Are our fears allayed

That we can keep on going
Though key support must change?
On whom are we relying
And who assists in range?

It's not often our decision
And feelings are not just
We must be open handed
With others who now must

Deal with other needs
As they make a new decision
For themselves and how they'll go
It's growth and not division

Which yields rewards, not limits
And all can gain though split
As each one ventures forth
From hard lessons comes new grit

Attachment has rewards
Though not to whom, but why
If we really love them so
We have to let them fly

And least for now it seems
They've given all they know
To this point at least that's clear
Now it's time for them to go

So with what are we left?
As for them it's their decision
The sharing that we had
Smiles at our vain derision

They had to make a choice
For them not versus us
To experiment still further
Try not to make a fuss

The Individual's All
And when All is added up
It's exponentially more
First we drain then fill the cup

1 comment:

M. Morris Gaman said...

They are the wind in our sails and the crew on our ships. This poem feels like friends, families, soul mates, and the relations of life.

I really like this poem, stanzas 5 and 6 are pure. I read them on their own.